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Welcome to "Jump City Nexus." This is a community for people who play or are involved with characters from the "Teen Titans" animated series over at the community "Sages of Chaos." If you wish to apply for membership, the application is here.

JCN is currently under some revisions. Please bear with us while we get things straightened out. Any questions can be emailed to jumpcitynexus@juno.com. Thank you.

Welcome to the userinfo for jumpcitynexus. Here you will find all the information you need to know about joining JCN, as well as a guide for playing in the game.

As with every good community, there is always a set of rules. These rules are in place so that we don't have the problems or drama that often come associated with LJ and its RP communities.

First come the core rules. They cannot be broken no matter what; to do so can earn you an instant ban from the game. Please read these carefully.

1. Absolutely no flaming or insulting of other members in the community in an Out of Character (OOC) manner. If you have an issue, there are two mods who are more than willing to help mediate any issues that arise.

2. Godmoding. This rule above all others is probably the most important. An example of what these term means follows:
Slade picked up Robin, flung him through the top level of the tower window and then jumped down after him. Watching Robin bounce off the ground a couple times he laughed cruelly as he landed on his feet. Picking up Robin again, he threw him into the bay and watched him drown.
Godmoding, therefore, is defined as calling all actions without giving the other player(s) involved any control over the situation. This doesn't only apply to fight scenes, so keep that in mind. The proper way to handle a situation like this is as follows, with emphasis added:
Slade growled beneath his mask and took a swing at Robin, attempting to pick him up and toss him over the tower ledge. He laughed coldly as he watched Robin carefully, trying to gauge his next move.
That post allows the person playing Robin to react to what just happened, rather than giving the player absolutely no chance to fight back. However, keep in mind that it still falls under the "godmoding" header if you choose to avoid all the hits someone deals your character in a fight. There's a careful balance between the two extremes; be sure to assess the scene being played out and react accordingly. Decide whether your character could safely and realistically get out of the situation without being harmed; if not, take the hit. It won't kill them.

3. Killing someone else's character. Like the aforementioned rule, you cannot randomly kill someone's character without their expressed consent. If at any point and time a character death is necessary, it will be agreed upon by ALL parties involved and written so in an OOC statement.

4. Lying on your application. While the game is such that anyone can join, you cannot lie to us or on the application. RP is built on trust, so it doesn't make sense to lie about where your character comes from. This rule will be further explained in our lesser set rules.

~Secondary Rules~

1. You must prove that your character in some fashion is tied with the Teen Titans universe; if you're playing an Original Character (OC), then you must have proof of that character knowing a canonical character in some way. If your OC knows one or more Titans, we ask that you provide the name(s) of the player(s) in question in your application.

2. Grammar and Spelling. While we're not looking for scholars and English majors, we are looking for people who can put together a sentence that doesn't look as if it was slapped together by a bunch of monkeys. We ask that you be capable of using punctuation, some form of sentence structure, and proper speech. That means no 1337speak, no sTiCkY cApS, none of that.

3. Attendance. Yes, attendance; you need to be able to contribute to posting at least twice a week. That does not mean come in, toss up a post and leave till the next week. That means you need to finish the thread or conversation.

4. This rule ties in with #3. If you cannot attend the RP for that week, leave a message with one of the mods or in the OOC community (jcnooc). If you're going to be gone for a long period of time (for more than a week) let us know so that we don't drop your character and have it replaced.

5. Language is allowed, but in moderation. Overuse of certain words will not be allowed. The F-word is not necessarily prohibited, but it's not exactly encouraged.

6. No NC-17 Scenes. NONE. This place is for most people of all ages, and we do not want to be held responsible for some kid getting busted by their parents for having smut scenes with someone who is likely quite a bit older than them. If you want smut, feel free to do so in your personal journals. What you do there is your business.

7. Have fun. If at any time you feel that things aren't working out or if there's something that doesn't sit right with you, please let us know. We want this community to be fun and a place where stories can be told.

8. Do not drag OOC drama to other communities. They don't want to hear it or see it. If you have a problem with JCN as a community, then take it up with a mod. If it's a mod you are having issues with, seek another mod. If it's the community you have a problem with, then perhaps this is not the community for you.

Thank you for reviewing the rules. If you have any questions regarding any of them, you are welcome to email jumpcitynexus@juno.com. We will be more than happy to answer your question.

Now that you have reviewed the rules, if you feel that this RP is right for you, then please fill out the application provided and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please be patient; as most of us attend school or work, your application may not be reviewed for a few days. We will try to review them as soon as they arrive, but that is not always the case.

Thank you,
flamenoir and markovincognita, the JCN staff.