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Cameo appearance? [15 May 2008|08:47pm]

Rae portalled into the Titans tower, she looked around wondering what changes had been made, if any. She wore a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of boots, her hair by this point was tied behind her in a low hanging pony tail, with two strands framing her face. She glanced around the area, before giving out a raspy, "Hello? Anybody home?"

She poked around the main room, grinning a bit as she noted some of the oh-so-familiar items that were around the area.
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[Tower, open] [14 Sep 2007|02:06am]

[ mood | gone~ ]

*Whenever one of the Titans - as many of them as still hang around the Tower, at least - care to check the lounge, they may notice a letter on the table. Then again, it's stuck underneath the bowl used to hold chips, so it might not be noticed for a while. When someone manages to not only find it, but also open and read it, they will discover that it's from Beast Boy.*

Hey guys,

Sorry to spring this on you, kinda thing, but since it's pretty hard to talk to everyone at once without triggering the alarms... Anyway, dudes and dudettes, this is my official goodbye letter. Or at least, notice of a temporary absence. I'm going to do some other stuff. Maybe you'll see my name in lights some day!

I will totally come back to visit and kick all your names off the high scores on the GameStation, of course!


Beast Boy.

*There is of course a letter in Terra's room which explains matters in more detail, giving an address he can be contacted at, and saying a more personal goodbye. He wanted to do that in person, but what with everything involving Changeling, Robin, and Terra getting drunk and so on... well, the right opportunity just hadn't presented itself.

What there is not, anywhere in the Tower, is a Beast Boy himself. He appears to be long gone.*

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so i can reach the highest of all the heavens [06 Aug 2007|01:49pm]

No longer would the newly aeromatic Terra have to hide in her room and be unsure about whether the next flick of her powers would trigger a tornado. Mostly because she wasn't a butterfly and that wasn't too huge of a concern to begin with, but now she had Gust to help her along in her learning.

Okay, to teach her completely. But that was the same thing, really. Anyway, Terra was waiting close to the shore of the island for Gust to show up. She found the sand comfortable and if there was to be air-dancing, the ocean was right there to be nature's cushion.
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The Name of the Training is the Hurricane [Open Thread] [23 Jun 2007|11:10pm]

The Titans Tower training grounds didn't quite see as much traffic as they did in their heyday. Oh, they still got used, but nowhere near as frequently. Hopefully today would bring about a change to that. It had been a while since the offer had been extended, but Terra had not forgotten that she said she would love to help Silvermane train. That was what brought her, goggles and everything, out to the grounds in the partly cloudy afternoon weather. It was go time. Now all that was missing was Silvermane. And, well, anyone else who decided to show up, but Sil was the only person on the reservations list. (Chez Tower was, of course, a very upscale place.)
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Homecoming [locked to all who'd be in the Tower] [12 Jun 2007|09:37pm]

After talking with Silvermane, Aqualad got a boat ride out to Titans Tower, whereupon he did something simple, yet, from his perspective, somewhat difficult.

He rang the doorbell.

He shifted his feet nervously. No one had bore him any ill will, but still, he was neverous, wondering if the people inside would want to speak with him - even though he had no good reason to doubt that.
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[You Gonna Get Zapped] [Open Thread] [24 May 2007|12:25am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

When the Titans defeated Disruptor, what they didn't know was that another threat was unleashed.

The kids dealt with him before. He was big, mean, and definitely wasn't one to be trifled with. The monster didn't know where he was at first. It's been so long since he was on the planet Earth. He appeared in a nearby woods. It took a lot of walking around to find Jump City. He had to eat a lot of stupid rodents to survive until then -- and they don't taste like chicken, mind you.

The monster lovingly named "Timmy" appeared in Jump City around five o'clock in the evening, causing a commotion wherever he went. He screeched as lightning bolts shot from his horns and hit sky scrapers. He wasn't exactly gigantic, but he was big enough to ram into a few buildings after they burst into flames.

He only had one goal in mind -- to find what he cared for the most!

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MWAHAHAHA. [12 May 2007|08:42pm]

At approximately nine a.m. sharp on Thursday, a letter is sent to all the practicing supervillains in the area, or, where such a feat is impossible, to the nearest supervillain meeting place. The letter arrives by e-mail, fax, and/or the appearance of a plain white envelope stuck between the door and the doorjamb.

The text is as follows:Collapse )

And so it is that Faust finds herself in room 2AB, her hair dyed jet-black (an easy enough cosmetic change to make, really, and just as easily reversed) and pulled back in a ponytail, dressed in a deep red pantsuit, as far from her normal dress as possible and dressed to give off a palpable sense of authority. To complete the ensemble, she was wearing sunglasses. After dark. Good thing she wanted the lights on.

She takes a deep breath, shuts her eyes, and puts a firm, confident smile on her face, smoothing out the last wrinkle on her suit. All that's left is waiting for the first villains to arrive.


((OOC info here!))
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A night of music (open) [01 May 2007|05:21pm]

Silvermane changed her clothing to something appropriate (steel toed boots were amongst the ensemble) and left eagerly for the concert. She'd never seen Nina and the Chimeras live before, and she was looking forward to it. What she was especially looking forward to was spending the time at the concert with all of her friends. Silvermane hoped that the mosh pit wouldn't get too wild. While not a fan of violence, she could handle herself in a mosh pit. It was the safety of her friends that concerned her, and she sincerely hoped that nobody would get slammed around too badly.

She waited at the gate for everyone that was supposed to be showing up, hoping that nobody was late. As much as she wanted to see the band, she wasn't one that could leave others behind. Though, thankfully, there were two opening acts, so in the worst case scenario, she'd probably still get to see the whole set of Nina and the Chimeras.

((OOC: Another thread open to absolutely everybody, even people that aren't members of Jump City Nexus. This is just for fun. ^_^))
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It's party time! (open thread) [01 May 2007|05:09pm]

Enormous warehouse rented out? Check. Decorated all over the place? Check. Massive stereo system and a huge assortment of music? Check. Fliers sent out all over the city days before? Check.

All in all, the preparations for Blackfire's birthday had gone very well. If there was one thing the black haired Tamaranean prided herself on, it was her ability to party. She'd even extended invitations into the Nexus, so between her city-wide invitation and Nexus invitations, the party promised to have an interesting crowd.

There was a bar set up for people to buy drinks at, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There was also a substantial amount of food. It had cost a decent chunk of money to throw all of this together, but hey, one only turned eighteen years old once, after all (of course, she had this same philosophy about turning seventeen, but she wasn't sharing that particular detail with anybody).

Everything was ready. Turning on some music, Blackfire waited for her guests to arrive.

((OOC: EVERYBODY is welcome to this thread, even people who are not a member of Jump City Nexus. Consider this thread a free-for-all, and have fun partying))
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Heart attack! (open thread) [30 Apr 2007|08:57pm]

Zhi Jin, more commonly known as the True Master, was out for a walk. She'd been staying quietly in Jump City for months with her relatives. There was a time for solitude, after all, and a time to be with family. Given that she'd spent more than thirty years living in relative solitude, a return to living with others for a few months to a year was simply balancing things out. Jump City was much more...lively than her mountain dwelling, but her grandchildren had been all too happy to show her some of the luxuries modern technology had to offer.

She stopped in at a cafe, deciding to sit outside at one of the tables on the patio to enjoy the sunny day. Some children were playing in the park just up the street, and she could hear their laughter. Then there came the rumbling, and a series of terrified screams.

Setting her tea down on the table, Zhi Jin got up out of her seat and took a few steps towards the park to get a look at what had frightened the children so much. When she caught a glimpse of what it was, her wrinkled features contorted into an expression of shock. In her many years alive, the True Master had seen many things, and very little surprised her. However, it was difficult to not be shocked by a giant, kid-eating floating heart.

((OOC: Any heroes wanna rescue the kids from Cardiac? ^_^))
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Beware the Panty Pirate! (open thread) [30 Apr 2007|08:55pm]

Blackfire woke up with a yawn and began to prepare for her shower. She grabbed a pair of towels, her clothing for work, deoderant and toothpaste, but when she went to get a set of fresh underwear, she noticed something rather peculiar. Every single garment that had occupied her underwear drawer had mysteriously vanished.

Well, her roommate in this large warehouse hideout was an incredibly skillful thief, so it wasn't that hard to figure out what happened.

Knocking on Red X's door, she said, "Oh, ha HA, X. Very funny. In case you didn't notice, April Fool's happened almost a month ago. Now give me my underwear back. I've got to get ready for work."

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, opening the door. "I thought you raided my drawer."

"That's just....seriously screwed up," Blackfire commented, when she saw that his drawer was as barren as hers had been.


At work, she quietly relayed the story to her co-workers. "They didn't even take the computers, the stereo, the TV....nothing of actual value. Just underwear. Who the hell does that?"

((OOC note: For starters, feel free to reply with your character reacting to panty theft, or replying to someone else's. ^^ After there are a few victims, we'll get the plot rolling. Also, a few characters will get framed for the panty theft, so hilarity shall ensue.))
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[Lightning Does The Work; THNMY] [Open To All] [27 Mar 2007|03:18am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Normally when somebody's on electrical, power lines, they don't stay up there for long. They're lucky to get off of them and remain in tact.

But for somebody like Lightning, the electric shocks barely phased him. Sure, it wasn't ideal to play around on them for long, but nothing bad ever happened to him while going on them. Training with Duela reminded him of what he needed to improve. He needed to work on his balance, and he didn't see anything wrong with using the lines to do this.

After slipping on the lines though, he could list three reasons. One, the lines nearly got caught around his ankle and he could have easily twisted it. Two, the nasty fall on the ground. Three, that did not improve his balance at all!

Even with these reasons, though, he zapped back up onto them. He wasn't going to call in quits just yet. He wasn't doing anything at the moment, so this was the ideal choice. That is, unless something else catches his eye.

((OOC: Okay, he needs a little more activity with more people -- villains, Titans, anyone you feel like playing. Consider this a Time Has No Meaning post for him, and feel free to throw anyone in. :3))

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[We Were So Good When We Were Young (locked to markovincognita and holybizow)] [27 Mar 2007|03:47am]

[ mood | restless ]

*Changeling PIN points into the rocky sort of plains area near the outskirts of Jump with a couple of people in tow. He takes off his shirts and folds them neatly - no sense getting them dirty or torn, after all. He's also shifted so that the scars on his chest aren't visible, instead being hidden under a layer of smooth green skin. Now that he's out of the Nexus and just with people who know what's going on, he feels a little freer to let tension into his body language, but he still carries an air of reasonable casualness. It's an act of course, just like the faint smile, but he's a pretty good actor after all.*

Well... ready? *He goes to put the clothes on the ground, unless anyone else takes them.*

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Camping Plot - Stuck [18 Mar 2007|11:07pm]

[ mood | lost ]

See-More screamed like a girl as they all fell into the next dimension -- he screamed like a manly girl, mind you. By the time they all head reached land, See-More tumbled down a small hill and hit the ground hard. When he sat up, groaning in pain, he glanced around to see where he was. He was only able to see his surroundings for a few seconds. His vision went to complete static, and then dissolved into nothing. His helmet was broken; he knew this when he felt the crack in his helmet.

What he did see, though, wasn't pleasant. They were all transferred out in the middle of some sort of woods in the day time. Unfortunately, it wasn't the sort of woods he would have liked. Before his vision went dead, he saw a strange wild creature resembling a cross over of a bunny and a walrus.

"... Great," he sighed aggravatingly, and got to his feet, waving his arms blindly in front of him as he walked. He cried out, as soon as he thought he was yelling in somebody's general direction (hopefully), "HEY! Anyone around?!"

((Phase two! No posting order for this one, since it's going to be more of a hindrance than anything else. Just make sure all of you post here with a "they arrive and OH SHI" before doing anything else in this thread. So you guys, please go crazy with this one. Go with different scenarios, play things out, do whatever. If anyone needs help coming up with ideas to keep this interesting, let me know.

Game on! This is for those who have been depowered only.))

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Reconciliation Part II (Terra, Starfire and Blackfire) [06 Mar 2007|10:21pm]

[ mood | calm ]

As planned, Blackfire showed up just outside of the mall a little bit before her 3pm meeting time with Terra and Terra's friend from the Nexus. She peered into a store window, spotting a couple of outfits that would look cute on her, and one that would look nice on Terra as well. Perhaps they'd go in there, if Terra's friend was sporting enough.

For the time being, the black-haired Tamaranean simply waited.

((OOC: ^^ Just getting this started. No rush for actually posting and such, guys.))

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Camping Plot - The Beginning [11 Feb 2007|11:14pm]

"Well, this oughta be fun," the new kid on the block commented to himself, looking around. He flexed his wrists in anticipation, getting the final feel for his new suit. "Nothing like a little revenge to really make you feel alive."

Of course, the first problem would be getting everyone there, and... he could do that. Turning to face a nearby bank, he clenched his fists, his fingers pressing down into his palms, activating the most critical part of his suit: The reality-disrupting gauntlets. The technology would normally have taken years to develop -- but Michael Beldon (or more specifically, his father) was not normal.

Two ripples, barely visible unless you were looking for them, quickly phased through the air and collided with the corner of the building. As soon as they hit, the corner was gone -- vanished, or perhaps just vaporized. Regardless, the kid in the red suit now had a clear opening to walk into the bank and start his mayhem.

Of course, the public inside weren't quite worked up enough yet for his standards. So he fixed that. Pointing his fists at the line of tellers' desks, he clenched his fists again, activating every silent alarm. That would get the Titans' attention, and with them would come the HIVE. Oh yeah. He knew about the inner workings of Jump.

"Kind, gentle Jump City citizens," he addressed the bank sarcastically. "I mean you no harm. I'm just out to turn your world upside down." Drinking in the people's yells, he grinned. "I won't hurt anyone unless they call the police. Then I'll make it very, very painful."

Chaos caused. Now he waited.

((Orright, so plz to be referring to this post for a posting order as well as a general plan for how this all is gonna go down. Game on, my friends. Game on.))
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Returning to the Tower (Tag: Anyone) [03 Feb 2007|11:44pm]

After aiding in rebuilding Azarath's city and helping those who returned learn pacifistic teachings, Raven shortly began to feel out of place. Perhaps it was because she wasn't truly a pacifist: her powers were made from darkness, and were made to destroy. Perhaps it was also because the blood of her father, of Trigon, still ran within her veins. She would always be part demon. It was something she could not hide.

And so, several months into her stay there, she began to have doubts. While she belonged there, while she wanted to be there and was overjoyed to be able to teach everyone and return Azarath to the holy city it once was, Raven felt like an outcast all over again.

Arella was the first to approach her about this. Even though Raven tried to deny it, Arella saw through it. After giving her daughter a hug, she thanked her graciously: it was with Raven's help that Azarath returned to its formal glory. There was no reason for her to stay there if she was no longer happy.

It wasn't that.. Raven tried to explain, but Arella wouldn't hear of it. They both agreed that Raven was needed elsewhere, and so Raven left Azarath to return to Jump City.

Upon returning to the tower, Raven opened the door slowly and peeked inside, glancing around almost cautiously, almost not wanting to disrupt anything before entering fully and slowly crossing the tower. "..Hello?" She spoke, her voice quiet, just mainly checking to see if anyone was around.

OOCCollapse )
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[Locked to miss_spelled] [28 Jan 2007|05:23pm]

[ mood | sore ]

*Changeling PINpoints into Jump, ending up in a deserted alleyway. Which is pretty lucky, really, considering he hadn't intended to come here at all and didn't want to draw too much attention whilst he was here. His arms and chest were transformed into rough green rock and pitted with multiple fist sized craters, dents that would translate into gaping wounds when he shifted back into human form. This was why he was maintaining the transformation as he leant against the wall and caught his breath, which was ragged and wet sounding. He'd just take a moment to calm down and sort through his thoughts, and then he'd leave.

If he was lucky enough not to get spotted by anyone first.*

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Run, See-More, Run! [Open to all] [26 Jan 2007|04:42pm]

See-More wasn't planning to get in trouble so quickly after leaving the hide-out. All he wanted to do was go to the nearby, ice cream shack and grab himself a twisty cone, even if it was cold out. He didn't want to be walking nearby a robbery, have the robber come up to him, hand him all of the money, and take off. And he didn't expect the police to arrive shortly after the real robber took off, leaving See-More to stand there with the bag of money and jewelry.

And with a nervous laugh, dropping the bag and saying, "Uh, y'all are dreaming! This is really not happening! Uh, uh, hey, look! Ain't that crazy Lightning sleeping on the power lines again!?" When the police turned their heads around to see where he was pointing at, See-More broke out into a run so fast that it would put Forrest Gump to shame.

The next thing he knew, he was hiding by the port, panting and glancing around to see if anyone was following him. Now he just had to worry about whether or not he was going to get caught -- or if a Teen Titan was alerted and out to get him. See-More just took a seat on the ground to rest from the running, saying, "There's no way this can get any worst..."

((Each response will be treated as a different scenario, so feel free to do whatever :) ))
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Fifth floor: housewares, vacuum cleaners, falling from the sky department [30 Dec 2006|02:13am]

Uh-oh... this probably wasn't normal, even for a place as strange as Earth. M'gann certainly hadn't experienced wormholes opening spontaneously there before, and even if she'd had, she'd have expected them to lead to somewhere proper, like an interstellar void--not to what would very much seem to be Earth again, and at a rather higher altitude.

Of course, if it had just involved her, it wouldn't have been much of a problem. But her buried spacecraft--along with a fairly large chunk out of the desert it had been buried in--had decided to come along, too...

((Open to all--particularly any heroes who would like to try and save poor bits of town from plummeting spacecraft and/or sections of Australian desert. :D))
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