Zhi Jin - The True Master (thetruemaster) wrote in jumpcitynexus,
Zhi Jin - The True Master

Heart attack! (open thread)

Zhi Jin, more commonly known as the True Master, was out for a walk. She'd been staying quietly in Jump City for months with her relatives. There was a time for solitude, after all, and a time to be with family. Given that she'd spent more than thirty years living in relative solitude, a return to living with others for a few months to a year was simply balancing things out. Jump City was much more...lively than her mountain dwelling, but her grandchildren had been all too happy to show her some of the luxuries modern technology had to offer.

She stopped in at a cafe, deciding to sit outside at one of the tables on the patio to enjoy the sunny day. Some children were playing in the park just up the street, and she could hear their laughter. Then there came the rumbling, and a series of terrified screams.

Setting her tea down on the table, Zhi Jin got up out of her seat and took a few steps towards the park to get a look at what had frightened the children so much. When she caught a glimpse of what it was, her wrinkled features contorted into an expression of shock. In her many years alive, the True Master had seen many things, and very little surprised her. However, it was difficult to not be shocked by a giant, kid-eating floating heart.

((OOC: Any heroes wanna rescue the kids from Cardiac? ^_^))
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