Blackfire | Komand'r (flamenoir) wrote in jumpcitynexus,
Blackfire | Komand'r

It's party time! (open thread)

Enormous warehouse rented out? Check. Decorated all over the place? Check. Massive stereo system and a huge assortment of music? Check. Fliers sent out all over the city days before? Check.

All in all, the preparations for Blackfire's birthday had gone very well. If there was one thing the black haired Tamaranean prided herself on, it was her ability to party. She'd even extended invitations into the Nexus, so between her city-wide invitation and Nexus invitations, the party promised to have an interesting crowd.

There was a bar set up for people to buy drinks at, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There was also a substantial amount of food. It had cost a decent chunk of money to throw all of this together, but hey, one only turned eighteen years old once, after all (of course, she had this same philosophy about turning seventeen, but she wasn't sharing that particular detail with anybody).

Everything was ready. Turning on some music, Blackfire waited for her guests to arrive.

((OOC: EVERYBODY is welcome to this thread, even people who are not a member of Jump City Nexus. Consider this thread a free-for-all, and have fun partying))
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