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[You Gonna Get Zapped] [Open Thread]

When the Titans defeated Disruptor, what they didn't know was that another threat was unleashed.

The kids dealt with him before. He was big, mean, and definitely wasn't one to be trifled with. The monster didn't know where he was at first. It's been so long since he was on the planet Earth. He appeared in a nearby woods. It took a lot of walking around to find Jump City. He had to eat a lot of stupid rodents to survive until then -- and they don't taste like chicken, mind you.

The monster lovingly named "Timmy" appeared in Jump City around five o'clock in the evening, causing a commotion wherever he went. He screeched as lightning bolts shot from his horns and hit sky scrapers. He wasn't exactly gigantic, but he was big enough to ram into a few buildings after they burst into flames.

He only had one goal in mind -- to find what he cared for the most!
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