Raven (azarathshanyou) wrote in jumpcitynexus,

Returning to the Tower (Tag: Anyone)

After aiding in rebuilding Azarath's city and helping those who returned learn pacifistic teachings, Raven shortly began to feel out of place. Perhaps it was because she wasn't truly a pacifist: her powers were made from darkness, and were made to destroy. Perhaps it was also because the blood of her father, of Trigon, still ran within her veins. She would always be part demon. It was something she could not hide.

And so, several months into her stay there, she began to have doubts. While she belonged there, while she wanted to be there and was overjoyed to be able to teach everyone and return Azarath to the holy city it once was, Raven felt like an outcast all over again.

Arella was the first to approach her about this. Even though Raven tried to deny it, Arella saw through it. After giving her daughter a hug, she thanked her graciously: it was with Raven's help that Azarath returned to its formal glory. There was no reason for her to stay there if she was no longer happy.

It wasn't that.. Raven tried to explain, but Arella wouldn't hear of it. They both agreed that Raven was needed elsewhere, and so Raven left Azarath to return to Jump City.

Upon returning to the tower, Raven opened the door slowly and peeked inside, glancing around almost cautiously, almost not wanting to disrupt anything before entering fully and slowly crossing the tower. "..Hello?" She spoke, her voice quiet, just mainly checking to see if anyone was around.

Ahh, first post. I hope the tower is the same tower, heh. And I hope its ok.. to explain why Raven's been missing for so long.. ^^ Hope to interact with you guys soon!
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