jcn_npc (jcn_npc) wrote in jumpcitynexus,

Camping Plot - The Beginning

"Well, this oughta be fun," the new kid on the block commented to himself, looking around. He flexed his wrists in anticipation, getting the final feel for his new suit. "Nothing like a little revenge to really make you feel alive."

Of course, the first problem would be getting everyone there, and... he could do that. Turning to face a nearby bank, he clenched his fists, his fingers pressing down into his palms, activating the most critical part of his suit: The reality-disrupting gauntlets. The technology would normally have taken years to develop -- but Michael Beldon (or more specifically, his father) was not normal.

Two ripples, barely visible unless you were looking for them, quickly phased through the air and collided with the corner of the building. As soon as they hit, the corner was gone -- vanished, or perhaps just vaporized. Regardless, the kid in the red suit now had a clear opening to walk into the bank and start his mayhem.

Of course, the public inside weren't quite worked up enough yet for his standards. So he fixed that. Pointing his fists at the line of tellers' desks, he clenched his fists again, activating every silent alarm. That would get the Titans' attention, and with them would come the HIVE. Oh yeah. He knew about the inner workings of Jump.

"Kind, gentle Jump City citizens," he addressed the bank sarcastically. "I mean you no harm. I'm just out to turn your world upside down." Drinking in the people's yells, he grinned. "I won't hurt anyone unless they call the police. Then I'll make it very, very painful."

Chaos caused. Now he waited.

((Orright, so plz to be referring to this post for a posting order as well as a general plan for how this all is gonna go down. Game on, my friends. Game on.))
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